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Wow. I am really not good at writing to this blog regularly. Or any blog for that matter!

Todd’s cocktail list last year made quite a number of waves in the industry as a “secret/awesome cocktail program.” Well, in the last year, the long list has gone from 75 drinks to over 120! Beers on page 29!

Todd and I have been doing a lot of experimentation with kitchen-driven mixology. Here’s a list of some of the things we’ve had great success with.

One thing that has been ultra ultra cool is how well the chefs respond to, and are even influenced by, our cocktails and ingredients. A few months ago, I brought in a selection of Cape Verdean grogues for Todd to try in the Clio Ti’ Punch. Chef de Cuisine Doug Rodrigues happened to taste the grogues, and ended up working with a grogue for his tasting menu: White salmon poached in fresh sugar cane water, tahini, bamboo shoots, long pepper, periwinkle, pineapple, and Cape Verdean grogue.

Scottish Salmon Confit with Sugar Cane Water & CV Grogue @ Clio

In fact, there are two elements on that plate that came from the bar: the sugar cane juice, which is produced by throwing long stalks of sugar cane into “Rosie” (our sugar cane extractor), and the grogue. Totally awesome!!!

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